Roark - Bio

Roark is a power trio based in Seattle, Washington. They have been unique fixture of the Pacific Northwest music scene since 1996. The band's sound is hard to categorize but quite distinct, based in the rock genre but with a decidedly seismic alternative pop twist, summed up as one big sound for just three guys.

The band has 2 previous full-length Cd's and 3 short e.p. releases to date. Their latest endeavor Marginal Way has just been completed and is currently available. The album is a high point of their work; blending old-school punk sensibilities with an extremely loud mixture of pop and hard rock; a feeling not unlike a mouthful of pop-rocks and coke, extremely powerful yet somehow strangely satisfying.

Roark is comprised of Erik Brown the guitarist, lead vocalist of the band, Bass Player, back up vocalist Rob Mullin and Drummer, back-up vocalist John Whelan.

The band is currently playing the local Washington club scene and preparing for a summer west coast tour. If you would like more information on the band or is interested in having Roark play your venue, e-mail us

We hope you enjoy listening Marginal Way as much as we did making it, we would appreciate any feedback regarding it!


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